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We help small business solve big technology challenges.

White Clay Technology provides custom Strategy, Solutions & Support for your technology, project management, cyber security, disaster recovery, and business resilience needs. We work with your executive level as trusted strategic technology advisers with the goal of making technology a business enabler, reducing your cyber risk, and empowering you to focus on the continued growth of your business.


We would like to hear about your technology needs, goals and challenges.  Please join us for a no obligation, 30 minute conversation.  We will have a strategic discussion on your objectives and how White Clay Technology can help your business succeed with technology.  We would be happy to lend our expertise towards achieving your business objectives.

Our Services


RealTechPros help Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, Freelancers, Startups, Non-Profits, & Home Office Professionals Support, Manage, Prepare and Protect their technology endpoints. Our goal is to reduce the risk that they become impacted by a technology based cyber attack. We provide the knowledge, tools and support they need to stay both productive & cyber safe.

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All businesses need IT support, management or assistance at some point! Our expert technicians can help solve your technology problems or perform an array of other related tasks allowing you to stay focused on your business.  Onsite service (in the Greater Wilmington, DE area) and Remote service (nationwide) are available.

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Our experienced technology leaders will provide you with their trustworthy strategic guidance and expertise on technology matters to help you achieve your business goals, all without hurting your budget.

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Most small businesses cannot afford a CIO, CTO or CISO. With this solution, you gain a tech-savvy business leader who will take a custom approach to help you manage your technology on a fractional basis.

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Unlike larger firms, most small businesses do not have the time, knowledge or budget to mount an adequate defense against cyber crime, yet they are increasingly the target of cyber attacks. Our proprietary check up provides small business owners with a sensible approach to evaluate their cyber security risk.

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Get a third party understanding about how safe your website or web based application is.  We will perform a vulnerability scan on your IP address, and review your domain status & website encryption.  You will receive a prioritized report of potential and actual risks identified, and our recommendations to reduce your cyber risk.

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Have you ever thought about how long can your business go without a crucial piece of technology?  Do you know how you will operate if your cloud provider fails you?  Do you have the proper plans and infrastructure in place to avert a minor or major catastrophe?  We’ll work with your team to understand your critical apps and processes, and work to establish a lightweight, and usable disaster recovery plan suitable for any business to guide you through the business continuity process during difficult times.

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By Jonathan Arena, CISSP, ITIL, CSM
Length: 43 pages

Cyber crime has surpassed the international drug trade as the top criminal moneymaker with damages expected to exceed $6 Trillion…and small businesses are the next lucrative target. This book, written by the President and Founder of White Clay Technology, outlines the five actionable steps every small business owner can take to significantly reduce the risk of becoming the next casualty of cyber crime. While this book focuses on helping small businesses, most of these topics also apply to individual computer users.

Purchase a digital copy | Paperback available on Amazon Prime

Consulting Services

We perform consulting and custom project work. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management

Whether your IT challenges are around availability, disaster recovery, cyber security or compliance, we can help your organization achieve cyber resilience through the use of our tools, processes & knowledge.

Cyber Due Diligence for M&A

Cyber Due Diligence for M&A

How confident are you that the business you plan to acquire has not experienced a breach, or is at a higher risk of one? Our experts will perform a thorough review and provide a business friendly report which can help guide business valuation.

Strategic Technology Advisers

Industry & Competitive Analysis

Are you in need of information, analysis and insights regarding the state of the IT, OT, data center, web hosting, cyber security or other technology sector to help you make business decisions? Our team has seen it all and would be happy to help.

Cloud Adoption & Data Migration

We can help you get to the cloud by ensuring that your applications are cloud ready and develop a seamless migration plan. We can also assist in cloud cost containment strategies as well as Office 365 deployments.

IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Have a strategic IT initiative that you need to happen on time and stay on budget? Have multiple internal and external teams that need to work together to achieve an objective? Our certified project managers can organize, direct & provide you the visibility you require on your project.

Custom Technology Solutions

We will plan, design, implement, manage & support the right technology solution you need to achieve your business objectives. We can also provide support & guidance on existing configurations or provide staff augmentation for a key project or to replace a missing team member.

We can help!

Our team has over 25 years of technology leadership expertise.  We’ve seen it all and can help guide you through virtually any challenge.  Please contact us by calling us at 302-486-3000, or by filling out the form below!