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Cyber Due Diligence

Cyber Due Diligence

Technology is more often than not the “long tail” in most merger integrations.  It is also the most frequent aspect of a merger that can mean success versus disaster.

"Avoiding M&A failures means paying more attention to details and less to the grand narrative behind the deal." - Dealroom

For too long, due diligence has only focused on legal and financial considerations while IT is ignored, even though it’s integration is essential for long-term success.  We can guide you through the technology challenges associated with integration that will help answer these questions and more:

  • Do you know what challenges and pitfalls are lurking in the technology of the company you are considering to acquire?  
  • Do you know who the key personnel are, and their capabilities?
  • Do you understand the age of the technology running the business?
  • Have you accounted for the unforeseen potential CAPEX investments you may need to make?
  • Are you clear on how long it will take to merge systems?
  • Are there infrastructure constraints in the current (or future combined) business?
  • Are you thinking realistically about the synergies you are going to achieve?
  • Do you have a cohesive strategy to integrate the two businesses?
  • Are you prepared to inherit the technology of a company that may have experienced an unknown data breach?

How We Can Help

As your Fractional CIO, we can:

  1. Perform a Technology Maturity Assessment to understand how the current and/or acquired business uses technology.
  2. Determine who the key personnel that are essential to the current operation of the business.
  3. Identify critical risks that may lead to discussion on acquisition valuation
  4. Help build a plan to ensure the successful integration of the two companies
  5. Oversee and execute the integration activities.

White Clay Technology has years of experience in M&A and integration activities in technology.  Let us see how we can help you.