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Enhance Technology Operations

Enhance Technology Operations

The Information Technology industry is extremely competitive, especially for specialized talent.  To keep the best, you must treat them like they are the best. Consequences of not doing so include:
  • Lower Employee Satisfaction
  • Higher Employee Turnover
  • Loss of Tribal Knowledge
  • Increased Risk Exposure
  • Reduced Accountability
  • Increased Outages
  • Poorer Customer Experience
  • Increased Customer Churn

Every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ of the existing salary, on average.

Likewise, many IT teams report to a non-IT manager within the business to save money. This person is typically ill equipped to address the needs of their skilled technicians or to even make effective hiring decisions.  This non-IT manager is unlikely to be able to effectively lead the team through a technology outage or lead a complex technology project through to successful completion.  

How We Can Help

As your Fractional CIO, we can:

  1. Manage IT Employees,  Contractors & Vendors
  2. Maintain Visibility over key KPIs
  3. Act as the incident commander during outages or other IT emergencies & work to predict and prevent outages
  4. Construct Processes
  5. Project Manage a complex project
  6. Introduce Knowledge Management & Training Program for your IT