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Strategic Technology Management Adviser Service

Strategic Technology Management Adviser

A Technology Management Expert In Your Corner

Technology has become critical to the successful operation, productivity, and growth of all businesses; however, improper technology implementations and lack of management can have crippling effects on a business.  Due to its cross-functional nature, technology teams have become de facto leaders of change in an organization. 

While many companies usually have a tactical IT resource who keeps their technology running, they often lack access to a senior level strategic resource who has the knowledge & experience to lead or manage strategic technology activities. 

Our Strategic Technology Management Adviser service is an effective and cost conscious alternative to a full time CIO.

Having a strategic technology management adviser provides you with an accessible, knowledgeable, and strategic expert who understands technology as well as your business.  They will:

  • Work to understand your business goals.
  • Help create a technology plan for your business that will ensure success.
  • Meet with business leaders monthly to advise & guide senior leadership on technology direction, solutions, and decisions
  • Analyze, restructure, and optimize your IT spend based upon your desired business outcomes.
  • Establish a baseline for cyber security, resilience, and IT visibility.
  • Have access to a proven & knowledgeable technology leader to confer with on any technology topic or issue.
  • Connect their professional relationships with you

Our Adviser Service provides guidance and direction based upon their experiential knowledge.  Our advisers have years of real-world experience, as well as certifications in their areas of specialization.

If you require a more hands on Fractional CIO than an Adviser, we do offer a Fractional CIO service who can take a more active role in the management of your technology.