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Technology Strategy Adviser Service

Technology Strategy Adviser

A Technology Management Expert In Your Corner

Ask yourself these questions about your business:

  • How VALUABLE would it be to have direct access to a seasoned technology leader and cyber security expert who has worked directly with Fortune 100 firms, small businesses, and everyone in-between?
  • How ADVANTAGEOUS would it be to be able to confidentially discuss your technology needs and challenges with a knowledgeable professional with over 20 years of experience as an IT service provider?
  • How SIGNIFICANT would it be to have a CIO proactively inform you of technology that can optimize your business?
  • How BENEFICIAL would it be to have a certified information security expert & published author in the cyber security field directly inform you of potential cyber security risks that could impact your business?
  • How USEFUL would it be to have a technology executive provide you insights into improving your technology spend?


Technology has become critical to the successful operation, productivity, and growth of all businesses; however, improper technology implementations and lack of management can have crippling effects on a business.  Due to its cross-functional nature, technology teams have become de facto leaders of change in an organization.

One of the key challenges you have as a business owner is knowing how technology can support your business objectives.  Larger firms have a full time CIO, but smaller firms must wait until the business owner has time to invest.  Having a technology strategy adviser provides you with an accessible, knowledgeable, and strategic expert who understands technology as well as your business.


If you require a more hands on technology leader, we also offer our Fractional CIO service who can take a more active role in the management of your technology.



Our Technology Strategy Adviser service is an effective and cost conscious alternative to a full time CIO.

With White Clay Technology’s Technology Strategy Adviser service, you will have the expertise of a full time CIO who will understand your business objectives and guide you in your technology decisions, but only for a fraction of the cost!

Our Technology Strategy Advisers will meet with you monthly via video conference to:

  • Review & prioritize your technology objectives, and ensure they are in alignment with your business goals.
  • Establish a technology plan for your business with you that will ensure success.
  • Analyze and provide recommendations to optimize your technology spend.
  • Research & evaluate the best technology solutions to match your needs.
  • Introduce new technology solutions that could optimize or enhance your business.
  • Keep you informed of the latest trends in cyber security and provide recommendations on how to minimize your risk

Our Technology Strategy Advisers will also:

  • Be accessible to you as a proven & knowledgeable technology leader who is ready to confer with you on any technology topic or issue when you need it.
  • Provide unlimited email interaction on strategic questions regarding your technology needs.
  • Introduce you to our trusted network of resources who can make easy work of just about any technology, cyber security, disaster recovery, or project management need.

Our Technology Strategy Adviser Service provides guidance and direction based upon their experiential knowledge.  Our advisers have years of real-world experience, as well as certifications in their areas of specialization.

Please Note: The technology strategy adviser service does not include technical execution / troubleshooting / implementation services, or in-depth project planning. We can however scope these needs out in a separate engagement.